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Skincare Tips For Holi 2019

Holi is just a day away and people are so excited and happy to celebrate this and there are many parties going on and are about to happen on the day of Holi itself. I have also been 2 parties this past week and I had so much fun over there which I can’t describe in words, it was a beautiful day with so many beautiful memories and pictures.

Okay I am done with my blabbering now, I am feeling so good that finally I am again doing a skin care blog. Skin care is my favourite subject matter and I love to talk and discuss about it every time and I have finally started to take care of my skin, I take out time and put efforts for it now and I hope to share them real soon but today I am going to give tips about my Holi skincare routine which I have been following since years whenever I play Holi and each one of them worked well for me.

Holi is a fun-filled festival but it also creates many skin problems for probably every skin type so to avoid any kind of skin problem or rashes you need to take care of lots of things, especially the before and after of playing period. Before you step out of your home, you need to take care of so many little things.


1. Dark Nail Polish for your Nails.

Nobody likes different colours or bad colours on their nails which doesn’t comes off easily so to prevent that put on a dark colour nail paint, it will help you and your nails won’t be destroyed by any kind of colour you play.

2. Oil.

Oil will create a thin barrier between your skin and harmful colours and the colour won’t cling onto your skin and you won’t have to work hard for removing the colour only if you use the oil carefully especially put oil on those areas which are directly exposed like your face hands ears.

3. Choice of clothes.

Choose your outfit wisely, try wearing full sleeved t-shirt/kurti as that cover up most of your skin and colours won’t get stick easily and your hands won’t be directly exposed to colours which will save your skin from harmful colours.

4. Petroleum Jelly.

Use it to cover your eyes ears and fingers as it will create a thick and strong barrier for your skin and in any case colour won’t stick to the part where you have applied the jelly.

5. Sunscreen.

As we all step out of house to play Holi, our skin is directly exposed to the sunrays which is very harmful for anyone so don’t forget to apply a good sunscreen with high spf which will protect your skin from the uv rays.

These were some tips which we need to take care of before stepping out of home, and that’s not enough we need to take care of some things even while playing Holi. The most important thing is that don’t even try to escape from people who are after you and trying to apply colours, because when they chase you which they will eventually, they will apply it even more wildly so give up as soon as you step out of your home and that will help a lot. Don’t wash your face again and again.By doing this, you are removing the barrier which you created with oil, curd, Vaseline or any other greasy products and when you play after washing your face again and again colours will cling onto your face and you are going to look weird over the next few days. The most important thing: Don’t eat with colours on your hand as it might have a bad impact on your health.

Finally after so many hours of playing and fun-filled morning when you reach back to your home at afternoon or sometimes evening, it’s very hard to go for a bath and remove all those colours as everyone is super tired after playing Holi so some short tips which will help you to remove the colour easily.


  • 2 tbsp gram-flour.
  • 4 tbsp curd.

Mix these two before hand even before you go out to play so that when you come back just take the bowl with you and rub it on your skin and you will see what wonder it does, it will remove colours very easily and you don’t have to hassle much . The only thing I would say that DO NOT APPLY IT ON YOUR FACE IF YOU HAVE A SENSITIVE SKIN, as it gets little itchy and I too have a sensitive skin and when I tried it, I had a little bit of itchy feeling only on my face. After you are done with washing off the curd mixture, use your regular soap and gently use loofah don’t be harsh with it as it harms your skin.


Use a strong shampoo so that you don’t have to wash it twice or thrice and if you are using a mild shampoo use it twice so that colour gets out of your scalp.


Use your regular moisturiser after the shower and moisturize your skin well and if there is any colour left anywhere take some moisturiser on cotton pad and rub that area with it, it removes the colour easily.

Disclaimer: These all were tried and tested by me and there could be same and many other options available.

I hope it was of much help for everyone and Do Share it with everyone and comment down your views.

Lots of love and positivity to everyone. ❤

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