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Skincare Tips For Holi 2019

Holi is just a day away and people are so excited and happy to celebrate this and there are many parties going on and are about to happen on the day of Holi itself. I have also been 2 parties this past week and I had so much fun over there which I can't describe… Continue reading Skincare Tips For Holi 2019

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HOLI 2019 – Meaning, Celebration Ideas & Much More.

NAMASCRAY People!!!!! For those who don't know the meaning of namascray, here you go: (Namascray: The crazy in me recognize and honor the craziness in you.) It was just yesterday when I started this new year with a bang, this is really a big and special year for me and I can't believe that march… Continue reading HOLI 2019 – Meaning, Celebration Ideas & Much More.