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The title itself must have drawn your attention and you must have thought that it is some sort of advertisement where people claims No more hair fall, guaranteed hair growth BLAH BLAH!

I am not doing any such thing here and obviously it’s not sponsored. I bought the product, I liked it and thought of sharing it with all as it really worked well for me.

You can buy this product by clicking here:

Yeah here we are with one of the unresolved topic, most of the people suffers from this problem and are always looking for solutions everywhere about how they can control hair fall, which products are the best etc etc.. Few days ago, I was in the same situation and was quite worried about my hair fall problem and I used to keep asking and searching about methods and products which would help me reduce my hairfall and I finally found a product which was quite appealing for me as it was chemical free and made up of all natural ingredients.

I have been using “Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair” and it worked pretty well for me. My hair fall has been reduced noticeably and I am obviously feeling like the happiest person alive as earlier I have done so many things to control my hair fall problem and nothing worked for me, in fact my hairfall problem was increasing day by day but now I have been using this shampoo since 3 months and honestly I have seen a huge difference.

About The Product:

“Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair”

It’s made up of all natural ingredients and it’s already written on the package that it’s a Ayurvedic medicine. It’s not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties. This nourishing shampoo is a blend of pure kelp, natural proteins, neem bark and bhringraj plant extract, to gently cleanse hair and invigorate the scalp for fresh hair growth and healthier shine. It’s organically pure and preservative free. No animal testing.

It contains:

Neem bark, Tesu Flower, Bhringraj Plant, Daruhaldi Root, Ritha Fruit, Sajjikshar, Purified Water.

My Opinion:

I liked it and anyone who love natural Ayurvedic products will love it. It has a menthol kind of smell quite similar to Clinic Plus Shampoo but has different and far better quality and gives beneficial results. It’s even better to use it summer season as it gives a cooling effect and soothes your scalp. The only con is that it doesn’t create a good amount of lather to remove excess oil, so you have to use more quantity compared to other shampoos, but with the result it is providing I am fine with using more quantity. It’s quite affordable too so anyone can afford to spend for it and give this product a try. The shampoo bottle also mentions “intensive hair growth treatment” and well I do not agree to this claim as there was hardly any hair growth so I can say use it if you have hair fall problem, do not use for hair growth as it will not show any surprising results.

Nothing happens overnight. I used it for 3 months and then I decided to share it with all so if anyone’s using it, use it at least for a month and then form your opinion and decide whether to use it or not. I do recommend to buy this product and will surely keep using it until I find something even better than this.

There are 6 different sizes available for this product. I got the 200ml one from Nykaa. You can buy it from a local store where Biotique products are available or from biotique website itself, or from Nykaa, Amazon.

You won’t regret buying this product. This is a must have product for summers especially, so buy this by clicking here:

Price: INR 155 for 200ml

Rate: 4/5

I hope you liked this. Do share your experience or comment down your views.

Lot’s of love and positivity to everyone.❤

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