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I have already wrote and spoke a lot about how to prevent sun tan but still we, most of us being a stubborn human don't take out time for ourselves and hence we suffer from sunburn, rashes, and other horrible situations. So for us who don't take any steps to prevent this have to make… Continue reading NATURAL REMEDY TO REMOVE SUN TAN. #01

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Hey you all. I have recently shifted my focus from makeup to skincare since past few days because when you are using a lot of products on your face you have to take extra care of your skin so I have been finding out products which are more on the natural side plus they are… Continue reading VAADI HERBALS STRAWBERRY FACIAL BAR.

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Skincare Tips For Holi 2019

Holi is just a day away and people are so excited and happy to celebrate this and there are many parties going on and are about to happen on the day of Holi itself. I have also been 2 parties this past week and I had so much fun over there which I can't describe… Continue reading Skincare Tips For Holi 2019

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Nivea Coloron Lip Crayon HOT PINK Review

HIIIIIIIIII Joyful People!!!!!! I hope you all are doing good and everyone is happy in their lives because that's what I pray to God that those who are doing good things please keep them happy forever. Here I am with my new Blog and I am super excited as I am up to new things… Continue reading Nivea Coloron Lip Crayon HOT PINK Review

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Make-up Essentials for college going girls

Heyyy lovely people!! It's been a really long and tiring week for me and I also couldn't make it this sunday as I was sick and was not able to concentrate on my work but here I am just with a 2 day delay and I know that people won't mind it as I am… Continue reading Make-up Essentials for college going girls