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Kajal or eyepencil is that one thing which is even used by girls who don't like to apply any sort of make up and yes please no girl would agree on kajal being called a part of make up. Kajal is a must have product for girls because when we do not wear kajal people… Continue reading TOP 10 BEST KAJAL/EYE PENCIL.

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Winter was not as long as we all wanted it to be. But yeah I have learnt to be happy no matter whatever it is and look out for positive aspects in every situation so I tell the same to everyone. So yeah I am happy that summer season is here already here and the… Continue reading BEST SUNSCREEN 2019.

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Skincare Tips For Holi 2019

Holi is just a day away and people are so excited and happy to celebrate this and there are many parties going on and are about to happen on the day of Holi itself. I have also been 2 parties this past week and I had so much fun over there which I can't describe… Continue reading Skincare Tips For Holi 2019