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HOLI 2019 – Meaning, Celebration Ideas & Much More.

NAMASCRAY People!!!!!

For those who don’t know the meaning of namascray, here you go: (Namascray: The crazy in me recognize and honor the craziness in you.)

It was just yesterday when I started this new year with a bang, this is really a big and special year for me and I can’t believe that march has already began and we are going to celebrate Holi next week, but yeah I am happy too with whatever is going on in my life.

So today I decided I should talk about Holi as I am super excited about it.

Holi is one of the biggest festival in Indian culture, it is celebrated in every corner of India and many other parts of the world as the festival of colours, arrival of spring and end of winter and moreover it is celebrated as a significance of victory of good over evil. I love to hear stories and I know many people are fond of that,so today at first I am going to share the story which I have been hearing since childhood.


In ancient times, there used to be a Demon King Hiranyakashipu who wanted to take revenge of his younger brother’s death with Lord Vishnu. He also had a son named Prahlad who was true devotee of Lord Vishnu and his father used to stop him, but he never listened so he decided to kill his son and failed again and again. After failing, he called his sister Holika and told her to take Prahlad in his lap and sit on fire as she had a blessing that she will never get burn even if she sits on fire but as soon as she sits on the bonfire with Prahlad on her lap, Prahlad started chanting Lord Vishnu’s name, after few moments Holika died and nothing happened to Prahlad and people celebrated the victory of good over evil. Since that day, every year people celebrate Holi by litting up the bon fire on chaturdashi evening and on purnima they play around with beautiful colours and water.

Party Ideas:

Holi is being celebrated madly by some people who love and play with colours, I rarely play Holi as I hate playing with colours as it create a lot of rashes on my face as I have super super sensitive skin so before Holi, I am also going to come up with my next blog which will be regarding skin care post Holi celebrations. Here’s how you can enjoy this Holi to the fullest.

1. Organise a Party at Your Place.

It’s a super fun idea plus nothing is better than spending time with your family and friends, near and dear ones especially when its a festival period going on. Organise it well and you’ll enjoy it even more.

Buy two to three organic colour shades like bright pink, green, blue, yellow commonly known as gulal in India and decorate some plates for that and place the colours in that plates, it will look very beautiful and you also don’t have to find colours here and there for playing.

Take out a little time for decor if you are organising it at your home or you can hire someone to do that, drape the pillars with colourful piece of cloth or you can use your old multicoloured dupatta or saree, you can also use fresh Marigold Flowers( genda phool) to decorate your home and a beautiful rangoli at your doorstep to welcome your guests.

No party is complete without food, so obviously you need to plan it. Gujiyas are the must have for Holi, then you can also include bhaang ke pakode, bhaang ladoos if you want(which is intoxicated), some sweets, thandai, kachori. and yaa keep lots and lots of tissue papers.

If you planning to organise an outdoor party, then you add up some with things like buckets filled with balloons and pichkaris, add more colours and you can also play “phoolon ki holi” which is generally played in vrindavan and you make a corner where you can organise a “Lathmar Holi” (only for fun and pictures) which is generally played in barsana as a custom where women hit men with laths (sticks) in their hands, but please ensure your safety first and do not harm yourself or others while playing but its a super cool and fun thing to do.

2. Attend a Holi event with your friends or family in your city.

OH GOD, there are so many fantastic Holi events that takes place where you can have so much fun. You just need some friends or family and then you are good to go as I believe you enjoy the most with your near and dear one’s.

Most important thing that matters is having your near and dear ones around you because “those people” is what matters the most at the end of the day. If you have them with you, it doesn’t matter whether you are organising it or not, going to an event or not, celebrating with them even at your terrace even without any organised things also, will make you the happiest because you know there are people who loves you and cares for you.

So here’s a short tip or request, kill your inner devil and be happy and make other people happy no matter wherever you are.

Hope you liked it, comment down your views and share it with all. ❤

Lots of love and positivity to all. ❤

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