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Kajal or eyepencil is that one thing which is even used by girls who don’t like to apply any sort of make up and yes please no girl would agree on kajal being called a part of make up. Kajal is a must have product for girls because when we do not wear kajal people start asking are you sick or not well and most of the girls I am sure have encountered this so today I am going to share some of the best kajal available that I have used personally and loved all of them. Right now I have 5 eye pencils/kajal which I use depending on my mood and my schedule, like I use whatever is available in front of me when I am getting late so I always keep 3-4 kajals so that I never run out of it.

I am going to mention the kajal based on their prices starting from the cheapest so that you know what are the cheapest option available and can easily figure out which one to buy depending on your budget.

You can buy any of the kajal with the link provided. I have provided direct links plus you can buy them at good discounts. I have shared links of discounted prices so you don’t need to search about any products at all.

1. Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal Bold Black.

Cheapest of all but you won’t regret buying this as the quality it is providing is really nice and I don’t have any complain with this because at this price you getting a very decent quality. Its an eye pencil and comes in a pencil form (twister one) so thank god you don’t have to sharpen it. It does not stay whole day long but still you can manage it as it doesn’t smudge enough, so it won’t end up making you look like a ghost.

Price: 90

To buy this, click on this link

2. Biotique Bio Kajal Supreme Black with Almond Oil.

It comes in a bullet lipstick form so it not as easy as pencil one to apply and you have to be very careful with the quantity just apply a light stroke of it as it will end up making you look like a ghost but still I am using it because it glides on smoothly, smoother than any other kajal. I have learnt how to use it and how to be careful while applying it. So if you want a kajal that gives you a little natural smudged look plus which glides on smoothly you must try this one.

Price: 109

To buy this, click on this link

3. Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal

My favourite of all. I have another level of love for maybelline products but you can trust me, I will not give any biased reviews. It’s not too black but it’s perfect for everyday use and it also doesn’t stay for a long time but it does look good even after it’s gone because it does not smudge so you get a natural look all day.

Price: 170

To buy this, click on this link

4. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal.

I guess it’s one of the most favourite kajal of mostly everyone in India beacuse I guess it’s the first eye pencil which was available in India at a cheap rate for around 200. They have many other colours too and I am in love with them more than I love the black one but still it is super black and will give you bold eyes look easily without smudging.

Price: 170

To buy this, click on this link.

5. Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal.

Moreover, it’s same like the above two but I loved using it so I cannot forget to mention it here. It’s comfortable for everyday wear so you can surely try this one too.

Price: 179

To buy this, click on this link

6. Loreal Paris Kajal Magique.

This one is also my favourite as its super bold plus it does not smudge easily so whenever you need to step out for a dinner party or for hanging out with friends and if you are someone who loves bold black eyes then this one is for you.

Price: 290

To buy this product,click on this link

7. Nykaa EyeM 24×7 Kajal.

They have varieties of kajal. I haven’t tried them all but by far I have tried two of their kajal which is rock the line one which is more or less same like maybelline and lakme product but this one is super black stays at place does not smudge and I love it as it affordable plus the quality is just so good.

Price: 299

8. Lotus Makeup Ecostay Kajal.

Boldest and blackest of all. Its super long-lasting and does not irritate eyes at all. There’s no reason to not love it. Whoever uses it becomes a fan of this product so you must try this product as well. This one is a kohl kajal so if you want to create some smokey eye look you can experiment with this one.

Price: 345

To buy this, click on this link

9. Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal.

I read a lot about it before buying one but when I bought this one for experiment to just try it out as I already mentioned that I love trying different products. I loved this one a lot. I used it to get bold black eyes whenever I went out for lunch or any parties. It looks good as its again super black and gives you bold eyes.

Price: 495

To buy this, click on this link

10. Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel kajal.

Most most favourite of all. This is the best product to get the smokey eye look in less than 2 mins as it has a smudger which works great and you just need to apply little bit of it then smudge. You can use it as kajal and as well as eyeshadow to get the smokey eye. This is the one product which you need to carry with you all day and if you need to go out for a party at a short notice then you just need 2 products this kajal and a lipstick and you are party ready in less than 5 minutes.

Price: 549

To buy this,click on this link

These were my current favourites I have used all of them quite recently but currently I have just 5 of them. I hope it would help you to find your perfect kajal. Do comment down your favourite kajal and don’t forget to share it with all.

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Lots of love and positivity to everyone out there.

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