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Summer Essentials 2019. (How to take care of yourself this summer-Top 5 tips)

Hey Everyone!!

Summer is here and we can’t beat that heat easily. Every year we think that this is probably the hottest summer we are experiencing but every year the temperature is reaching even higher than the previous year and I know it’s difficult to do everything at the same point of time – Managing Work, taking care of yourself, taking care of your skin and all other blah issues in life. People who step out of home must take care of little things as these sun rays are extremely harmful for skin for health, even if they don’t have for all these things they must at least take out little time to incorporate these tips for summer in their lives that I will be sharing today.

“Prevention is better than cure” – We all know this well but still many of us don’t do anything to prevent issues that can arise due to heat and harmful sun rays. Heatstroke, Skin Rashes, Vomiting, Sunburn, Acne are some of the few dangerous things that can happen due to this heat. To avoid these, you must follow certain tips.

1. Hydrate Yourself.

This one is a no brainer and yet some people don’t drink enough water to hydrate themselves. Trust me water is the most important source your body needs. So don’t forget to drink at least 8-12 glass of water everyday. It will prevent many issues and helps you get clear skin.

2. Sunglasses.

Another thing which is known by and used by mostly everyone, and if you are the one still not using it start using it today to save your eye, eyesight from those harmful rays. Try to find out glasses which suits your face type and look fashionable while protecting your eyes from sunrays.

3. Face mist.

There are many cool toner and face mist available in the market and you can also make one natural DIY face mist at home to help you feel fresh whenever you want with just a single pump of it. Face mists feels like heaven and is a blessing to those people who needs to travel a lot for work purpose, due to sweat and dust you start feeling exhausted easily but if you carry a nice and suitable face mists with you then you don’t need to worry at all. Just spray it all over your face and feel fresh instantly.

4. Sunscreen.

I have already mentioned this a lot of times on my website. Sunscreen should be the most important thing included in your everyday routine no matter whether you are a man or woman you must apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home. It helps prevents many skin disease which can be harmful for you.

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5. Wear a Scarf/Cap/Hat.

This one’s an old school thing. Our parents always used to say this that we must wear cap before stepping out of home so that our head is not directly exposed to the sunlight and is also being protected against sun rays thus we save ourselves from harmful effects that can be caused by the heat, Wearing a cap/cotton scarf/hat helps to prevent heatstroke to a certain extent and also our prevents tanning on face to a certain extent so remember to wear any of these next time before stepping out of your home.

These are the top 5 things I always take care of during summer season. Other things which we must keep in mind are – Try wearing light coloured clothes as light colours absorbs less heat than dark coloured clothes, Drink glucose 2 times a day if possible, Avoid stepping out of your home and office between 12p.m – 3p.m.

Many people are facing health issues, skin issues this summer because they don’t take care of themselves and I can understand that it is not easy to follow these tips regularly but we must incorporate this tips in our daily routine to avoid any such issues.

I hope this would help many, share it with everyone you know so that it can help them too.

Lots of love and positivity to everyone out there. ❤

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