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Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Fairness Serum Cream Review

Hey fellas!

Today I will be sharing my opinion about Garnier skin naturals fairness serum cream infused with 3x Vitamin C serum and Yuzu Lemon and has UV filters too to protect the skin. It claims to reduce the spots within 1 week with its regular use. It claims to reduce 3 kinds of spots: Dark Spots, UV Spots, Pimple Spots. It also claims to give you a fairer skin within a week which I think should not even be mentioned on the packaging. As fair skin doesn’t mean you are beautiful. To look beautiful, we need glowing skin instead of fair skin. The last claim that it makes is it instantly brightens up the skin and give long-lasting fairness. These are all the claims made by the brand for this product, Continue reading to know how does it actually perform.

You can buy this by clicking here:

Price: INR69 for 23g


I personally loved the packaging as its super cute and comes in very sweet little yellow tub. The outer packaging is quite common and it contains all the details and description of the product and a fairness scale to measure the fairness(which I never even looked at) and the cream comes in a sweet little yellow tub that can be easily carried while travelling plus it also looks cute. I am someone who loves product that comes in a tub kind of thing as it looks cute but obviously it’s not hygienic so always wash your hands before using it. The tub is sturdy and compact and is spill proof.


It is not as creamy as other products that I have used recently but still it blends easily. It has a velvety texture. It does leave a little whitish cast on my face just right after its application but within few minutes it gets absorbed and gives you a brighter skin. It does absorb quickly and provides an even skin tone only if you blend it evenly all over your face and neck, it requires little efforts for blending the product into your skin, it does lightens the spots if you use it regularly but does not removes them especially the dark pimple spots. It has a mild fresh fragrance which nobody will mind.


I bought it for three reasons: good advertisement, 3X Vitamin C serum, Yuzu Lemon. No doubt Garnier comes with great advertisement every time and it’s very attracting and catchy. Vitamin C has great benefits for skin, it adds a glow on face, and makes skin look more healthier and many other skin benefits. Yuzu lemon as well has great benefits for skin, it prevents acne and other skin inflammation.

Rate: 2.5/5

I personally didn’t become a fan of this products as it didn’t work well for me as I have combination skin type (normal+dry). I don’t think it will work for dry skin people, it is best suited for people with normal skin type. The things I like was – it brightens up my face and I didn’t have any kind of breakout even after having a sensitive skin.

I will recommend this product to people with normal skin type and not with dry or oily skin type.

Buy this by clicking here:

I hope all you guys are doing well and I really hope it will help you and I hope you do keep on reading. Share it with your friends for whom this would be of little help.

I don’t like promoting fairness creams as for me and the place where I belong complexion never mattered to anyone. I have been always taught to be beautiful inside by doing good for the others. As I grew up and went to college I realised I have interest in makeup and I like being dressed and look beautiful but then also beautiful for me always meant the same.

Lots of love and positivity to everyone out there. ❤

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