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Hey peeps!

In my past few blogs I was trying and experimenting new things and wanted to see the results and that’s why they were little bit different from other blogs but I think I liked what I used to do before and I guess I will continue what I used to do before as I loved it but I not here only to blabber today so coming back to the pointttt, I am gonna reviewing another skin care products which I added in my routine just few days back and this product is working well for me since then.


Simple is UK-based facial skin care brand and I ordered Simple kind to skin protecting light moisturiser from their skincare range. It’s designed for sensitive skin and loved by all skin types. It does not contain any artificial perfume or colour, NO harsh chemicals that can upset the skin, NO alcohol, NO animal derived ingredients(YAYYYY). Well the description already made me fall for this product. It has spf 15 too which protects your skin from UVA UVB rays.


I really liked the packaging as it’s easy to carry anywhere. I am not sure whether it is available in other size variants or not, I guess it is only available in 125 ml size which is quite comfortable and easy to carry and this product goes a long way, like you just need a very little amount of it everyday and you are good to go and I am sure this product will last more than 4-5 months at least for me.


It has a creamy texture which quickly gets absorbed into the skin. It does not have any kind of artificial fragrance or colour added in it. It still has a weird kind of smell in it but still the way it hydrates the skin, the fragrance is manageable as the smell fade away after some time. It does hydrates your skin for whole day long and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy even when you sweat a lot. So it’s safe to say that it’s super hydrating and doesn’t leave any kind of residue or whitish cast on your face. It does not make any false claims, the product lives up to every claim made by the brand for this product. This is a lightweight protecting moisturiser which hydrates and protects your skin as it has spf too and it definitely lives up to the claims. Its blends into the skin smoothly and within just seconds your skin will feel soft and hydrated.

My Opinion:

My first impression was not good at all for this product as I didn’t like the smell of it at all but I thought of using it for a week before forming any opinion and with every passing day I fell in love with this moisturiser and I am surely gonna use it and include it in my everyday routine as I have a sensitive skin and not every other moisturiser suits me, well I can use that if I had to but my skin starts breaking out and I feel weird sensations, irritations thus I always look for products which suits my combination skin type which is super sensitive and this product worked well for me as even for a minute I never felt any kind of irritation and since I started using it my skin feels super soft and hydrated all day long. I would also suggests to use it as a moisturiser and not as a sunscreen as it has very low spf so if you’re going out and you need a good spf product you can check my previous blog plus my favourite top sunscreens over here. Use this moisturiser daily after cleansing your face for better results, you will get smoother skin definitely.

DISCLAIMER: This was my personal opinion based on my experience after it’s usage. Opinion may vary from person to person.

Honestly guys, I am experimenting a lot on my skin since past few days, as I am trying different product every week so that I can review them better on my blog. I buy products (I am not being sponsored or paid for any of them) and I use it for a while and give an honest review so that it actually helps and work for people because as a kid I always used to look and search everywhere, but some worked well and some didn’t so, with this blog my main aim to give you the honest review, opinion about everything I try personally or I have been through that situation.

I hope you like it. Do follow for more such reviews and blogs every week and do like and share it with your friends and comment down your views below.

Lot’s of love and positivity to everyone out there. ❤

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