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Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Partner

Hola Guys!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week because I had one as I was super busy and if I speak honestly between all those work sometimes it becomes really difficult and hectic to create something which is loved and appreciated by all but I also know that only your efforts can lead you up to success.

So here I am with this new Blogpost which I know will be helpful for many people out there as valentines day is just a week away and I know couple’s especially people who have a new relationship have excitement as they can celebrate love and create some memories which they cherish all their life, but here I am who will sit all alone, watch movies, do some work and sleeppp this year also but I know one day I will also celebrate this day (laughing and crying at the same time really hard.)

Without any further rambling, lets start with what gifts you can give your partner give this valentines day.

1. Personalised Gifts.

There are so many options available in the market when it comes to personalised gift items such as personalised key chains, cushions, name chains, passport cover and so many things and you can get creative with your ideas too, as you can gift some really cute things when it comes to personalised stuff.

2. Watch.

There are so many people in this world who are little obsessed when it comes to watches, and if you want to be on the safer side then this is the best option available, as I guess no-one hates a good watch plus it’s really useful for everyone so every time they wear that watch they will feel really special.


3. Hand-made gifts.

Money doesn’t buy happiness all the time, so if you are running low on budget or you want to do something really special for your partner and you are ready to put your effort for your partner and want to make this valentines really special for them then this is the best thing you could do for them in my opinion as I am someone who prefers handmade gifts over anything else as it shows the efforts the person has done for you.

4. Chocolates.

Chocolates are mostly everyone’s favourite and it makes you happy and it is like being on the safer side because your partner will obviously love it. You can get creative with this too as nowadays there are many types of chocolates available, you can buy chocolates with name, or any other shape or flavour you want, you can also buy chocolate bouquet and if you are planning to do something special you can also get playful with chocolates. 😉

5. Roses.

You can never go wrong with roses on valentine’s day. Roses are everyone’s favourite except for one those who are allergic to it. It also helps you create a romantic atmosphere and there’s no harm in being romantic and celebrating love and togetherness this valentine’s day.


6. Grooming kit for men.

Who doesn’t love being pampered? Pamper your men this valentine’s day with super useful grooming sets available on many online sites. I have seen many useful grooming sets for men on They have a wide range to choose from but if I had to gift someone then I would have chosen Beardo grooming set.

download (2)

7. Makeup kit for women.

Last week only my sister-in-law got a gift box of nykaa from a friend and I absolutely loved it and decided then and there to mention it in my blog. You can buy makeup kit of any brand you want and stay updated with your partner’s choice as to which brand they prefer or they want to try. This looks amazing and is very useful for girls who loves make-up.

images (1)

8. Dream-catchers.

Dream-catchers were in trend I guess last year only but your partner will surely love this. Try to gift DIY dream-catchers as it will have a more special emotion as hard work always pay off or buy one if you can’t take out time as it looks really pretty and cute and it also helps to decorate home.


9. Novel.

This is the best idea if your partner is someone who loves to read. You can gift them some romantic novels which I’m sure will make them fall in love with you all over again because for someone who loves reading, novels will be the best gift you can give to them.


10. Shirt for him/Dress for her.

Buy a nice shirt for your men and ask him to wear that for your date and I swear that will become his favourite shirt because men are little childish sometimes and they adore gifts and loved being surprised.


Women can never have enough clothes, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have anything to wear whenever going out so they won’t mind getting a dress as a gift just before your date as it will save her time too, as she doesn’t need to decide what to wear any longer.


11. Perfume.

Buy a nice perfume with fragrance as per your own taste and again play your charm by remaining on the safer side, it completely depends on your own personal preference, if your partner is someone who loves good fragrance then you must buy a good perfume this valentine’s day.


I hope you love this blog and it was helpful for you, but remember guys gifts are just a materialistic thing to make your partner a little more happy but what makes a partner happiest is your time, your efforts. I will definitely write one blog about love this month may be or may be the next month.

Do share your views on this blog in the comment section 🙂

Lots of love and positivity to everyone out there. ❤

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