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Issues in Modern Day Relationship and How to Solve Them

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I am glad that people are reading my blogs and giving their reviews and I hope the same carries on forever.

So guys coming back to the point, Tomorrow is Valentine’s day – the day when people celebrate love and romance the way they want. I personally believe everybody on this planet is unique and has their own way to express love. But in recent times, it seems love is not as simple as people think, there are lots and lots of twists and turns and dramas and so much other things happening in our lives which is obviously leaving a bad impact in our lives and relationships and thus we end up fighting, which is not good for a healthy relationship.

A little bit of fight over small things is just fine and is bound to happen when two people with different mentality lives together but when the frequency of these arguments increases, trust me it is not good for your relationship because that may lead to break-up or you may also start losing interest in your relationship.

It completely depends on every individual how they maintain their happy healthy long-term relationship, if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, then you must avoid the most common mistakes made by majority of people and must keep in mind some basic solutions or *mantra* to maintain a happy healthy relationship.

1. Communication.

To maintain a healthy relationship, one must always remember that communication is the key to it. A healthy communication is a key to a healthy relationship. Improve your communication skills and no matter whatever the problem is, talk it out with your partner. Most of the fights occur because of the lack of communication in recent times because of our busy lifestyles so take out time, communicate and I’m sure things will get better with time.


2.  Trust.

Do not confuse “trust” with “blind trust.” I am someone who would never suggest anyone to blind trust anyone even if you’re dating the best person, but that also doesn’t mean that you do not trust your partner and distrust them for every little thing. If you want a long-term healthy relationship you gotta trust your partner because if you do not trust each other, fights are bound to happen very frequently and that will ruin your relationship one day. So you must start practicing trust on your partner and you will definitely see a change in your relationship, you and your partner will be a little more happier with lesser worries.


3. Freedom.

This is something many girls have been fighting for since years, here I do not mean that there are only girls who need freedom in relationship but there are some boys also who are suffering under various boundations, who also needs freedom. Basically everybody should have their own rights in every relationship and people must feel completely free to express their opinion their feelings anytime anywhere. Being possessive in relationship is quite normal but controlling your partner for that is absolutely wrong and not acceptable, you must give your partner complete freedom to take their own decisions and that can only happen if you trust him/her.


4. S  P  A  C  E.

Yasssssss, everybody needs their own space at many times. Nobody wants *A CHIPKO* kind of person in their lives. Sometimes it feels good basically only during the early phase of every relationship but after a certain point of time it starts getting irritating and the other person wants to stash away. So its better to maintain a required space from the very beginning so that it doesn’t become annoying for the other person and they feel free to talk to you whenever they want.


5. Stop Feeling Insecure.

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Give freedom and space to your partner and also stop being insecure about it in your relationship because insecurity leads to skepticism which is very harmful for yourself as it will disturb your work, your mental health and it really bugs the other person in relationship because without any fault they have to deal with a lot of drama caused by your insecurities and trust me no-one can cure your insecurity until and unless you decide to give up on your own insecurities. Start believing in yourself that “you the best version of yourself” and no-one can beat your confidence your personality and within few days you will feel a change in yourself and you will be able to discover a better version of yourself.

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With this I am gonna end  today’s blog, I know that there are many other things that people must take care of in a relationship but I am gonna keep my blog short as I don’t want people to get bored while reading longggg blogs. Please do not get offended anyone. I am someone who’ve always wanted to keep things short and simple but still I am changing myself a little and writing a bit more. I will cover the rest of issues and their solutions in another part.

I hope you are reading and loving this one… Do share your views on this blog.

Lots of Love and Positivity to everyone out there.


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  1. Kassh ye sab muje bhi apne pyar karne wali me mil jate
    Tab me bhi bahut khus hota .
    Or ye blog me apni gf ko jarur padne ka bolunga taki uska bhi dimag acaha bane


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