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Make-up Essentials for college going girls

Heyyy lovely people!!

It’s been a really long and tiring week for me and I also couldn’t make it this sunday as I was sick and was not able to concentrate on my work but here I am just with a 2 day delay and I know that people won’t mind it as I am just a fresher or you can say a 1 month old blogger. Well I just hope that people like my work and support me, encourage me more so that I am able to produce more content and work harder than ever before and achieve whatever I have planned for myself.

Without any further rambling, let’s go back to today’s blog. Today blog is about make-up essentials, well I know that many people have their own favourites but I know this will help many people and one who loves make-up can never get enough of it, so yeah it will help beginners and people who loves to try new products.

1. Lip balm.

Lip balm is a must thing that you should always carry in your bag and it topped my list because I know lip balms are everyone’s favourite. My current favourite is maybelline new york- “Alia loves NY” range. It helps you keep your lips nourished and moisturized for hours with a tint of colour and I am honestly a huge huge fan of this lip balm.


You can buy this one by clicking here:

2. Kajal.

Many of us has probably faced this question Are you sick? Whenever we haven’t applied kajal and there are many girls out there for whom make-up means kajal. I was also one of them back in my school time but now I am not. Again, my current favourite is maybelline colossal kajal. I am obsessed with this kajal since 3 years as it glides on very easily and doesn’t smudge a lot but gives a bold black eye.


3. Nude-shade lipstick.

Nude shade lipstick was always the most essential thing for me and I can’t describe my obsession for lipsticks in words. There are so many nude lip shades available in the market and I guess I will cover my favourite nude lip shades in another blog. Nude lipsticks are saviours sometimes because whenever you can’t decide which lip shade to wear I would always suggest to go with a nude shade and especially for college going girls I would suggest them to carry nude shades instead of bold one’s because honestly bold lip colour doesn’t look good when you are in college or office.


4. Compact Powder.

Always choose your compact wisely and I would suggest try out different compacts but stick to the one when it comes to carrying it with you, always carry the compact which suits you the best and always “ALWAYS” carry it in your bag and remember a good compact won’t leave you with patchy or cakey face, a good compact will give you fresh and sweat-free face and it will cover your fine-lines too which will help you achieve a flawless look anytime anywhere. Always apply compact after moisturizing your face and carry it with you for touch-ups.


5. Wet-Wipes.

Wet-wipes is a must have for not only college going girls but for everyone out there who goes out either for work, shopping, hangouts, or for anything else. It cleanses your face really well and gives you a fresher looking and hydrated face and it removes all the excess dirt caused due to pollution and we all know it’s not possible to carry your face-wash everywhere hence wet-wipes are easy to carry works really well so find the one which suits you and yeah once you start using it there is no way of going back, you’ll love it for sure.


6. Mascara.

This was not needed here but trust me with this one as I will not ramble here much but I would suggest you to start carrying it and using it if you are not using the one right now because initially when I started using make-up, I also didn’t realize the worth of mascara but now I am a huge huge fan of mascara, whenever I am getting late and I do not have time for anything, honestly I just apply mascara and I am ready to go anywhere.


I really hope you liked this blog. Please do provide your feedback.

Lots of Love & Positivity to everyone out there. XOXO.

1 thought on “Make-up Essentials for college going girls”

  1. Very amazing for me .Thanks poo .
    I will start this year only college. It will very good for me
    I will try your all acceserise


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