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Fun Things to do this Winter Season.

Hey again peeps!!

I know many of you must be thinking that I am back really soon and yes I am happy to be here because I am someone who can spend my whole day and night reading blogs and now writing one.

Okay so coming back to today’s blog

Winter season is the most favourite season for most of the people especially for the people who live at humid places because at least during this winter season they don’t have to deal with any sweat problems but my friends if you are not taking part in the activities or fun things going around you and are just enjoying your cozy blankets at home then you are missing so much of fun. There are tons of activities going around we can take part in the winter season and a lot more things we can do to enjoy, stay fit and most importantly happy.

  1. Take part in marathons.

Its so much fun guys. I have myself taken part in 2 marathons this winter only because someone forced me into this and honestly guys I loved it because the kind of energetic atmosphere you get there is absolutely amazing



2. Go to park for jogging.

Yes guys, if you are someone like me who believes they can create good atmosphere anywhere then you must step out and go to park this winter season because of course guys who doesn’t love chilly winter mornings and going to park doesn’t only amounts to a good enjoyable time but also it is healthy for you and helps you to stay fit.


3. Picnic

Okay I know this one should have topped the list and probably you must’ve enjoyed 2-3 picnics by now and even if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Go out guys spend time with your family friends and if they are not available then go out for picnic with your colleagues or make new friends and go out with them because it’s really fun and i have personally experienced every alternatives



4. Step out for a cup a hot tea or coffee

You all must be thinking that people who drinks tea or coffee go out for it throughout the year but trust me people try to discover every roadside stall for tea and coffee in your city especially during the morning hours and you’ll actually get to know the real meaning of morning bliss.


5. Bonfire

Plan and organise a bonfire. It depends upon you, you can either decide to make it completely private with your partner and cherish the moment or you can invite your friends and family and have a gala time playing fun games.


6. Visit a museum or amusement parks

As a child we all must have gone to museums and amusement parks but things are different now, as adults we are busy in our lives and doesn’t get time for all these things but we must learn to have fun and take out time for ourselves so do surely go out and have fun this season guys.


So with this i am gonna end my today’s blog and i will be back next week and i hope to be on time and maintain a proper schedule because right now i am completely messed up.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed writing this. Do give feedback and and show some love ❤.

And yes if you like it do share it. :*

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