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Lessons learnt in 2020

Hi all
I know I was MIA for almost all of 2020 from this platform and away from my lil blog family. Trust me when I say this, I missed being here, I actually mean it.

If you’re reading this piece here then yeah I was finally able to make it here, I was finally able to pen down my thoughts my feelings and come here for myself, for you all.

2020 wasn’t easy for anyone out there, everyone went through a lot, some people went through worse, lost their near and dear ones and I pray for their soul and also for the one’s who they have left behind. Also, looking at the greener side, some people received a much needed break which they didn’t knew they needed, got time with family, Some got the time to work on their hobbies and explore their hidden talent and everything in the end made us stronger. Everyone will be in a better place sooner or later.

This year was an eye opener, It has taught us the real lessons that no matter how many plans we make for ourselves, we don’t know what might happen the next minute and this made me realize that we should stop being harsh on ourselves for achieving or competing and learn to go with the flow and accept our weaknesses too alongside our strengths and work wisely after taking both into consideration.

It has made us realize that we don’t need parties & expensive things to survive, basic necessities and a healthy relationship with our family is enough for our survival.We need to stop taking things for granted and make choices that build a better environment, better society around us.

Helping each other and uplifting people around us gives real happiness and even in this heartbreaking time when I would hear a tragic news every single day, a ray of hope was still there all this time and my heart filled with joy whenever I would see people on social media and in real helping other people who might have died of hunger, people going out and feeding street animals who might have also died, people supporting each other, uplifting each other in these tough times. (Also, uploading about these activities on social media is not a bad thing at all, even if it motivates 1 out of 100 people to do the same and help others, all this will be worth it.)

Don’t just keep your thoughts to yourself, share it with the world somewhere and it might help others or others might help you and this journey of life will be way much easier with better environment around us.

It would mean a lot if you share your thoughts/lessons learnt in the comments section. ❤

Lots of love and positivity to everyone out there. ❤

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