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This is important. Quarantine self-care.

Hey guyssss!

This post is really important during these tough times.

I haven’t been posting here since a really long time but I am overwhelmed to receive your love and views on my previous blogs. I hope this continues forever.

I hope you all doing great and staying safe at your home. It’s also time now when people need to step out for work and earn for themselves and boost the economy because we can’t ignore the fact that many people need money now to feed themselves and their family. So we have to focus more on the solution now rather than being scared of the situation.

The solution is to take every possible preventive measure that we get to know. After roughly 3 months of experience and research I am going to list out great possible preventive measure I have came across.

1. Stay at home.

Yes, I mentioned that we need to step out still I am keeping this point at first because I want everyone to know that we need to step out for work so don’t step out unnecessarily and if your work is possible from home then just stay at home and stay safe. Step out only for work and not for meeting friends, or just because you are bored by staying in your home. And for some ladies, please avoid going to parlors for your sessions. You can take self care at home. So please don’t go out without any meaningful purpose.

2. Maintain Distance.

Even if you step out for work, you can’t completely ignore the risk of being infected by covid-19. Maintain distance with every person you came across while traveling to work place, or in your work place, even when you go out to buy groceries and other essential stuff.

3. Wash your hands often.

By now you must have heard this a zillion times. I personally prefer washing hands instead of using sanitizers as I have read at some places that its harmful for the skin. And one thing I want to share and want you guys to learn from my mistake is that when you’re washing your hands frequently, it gets dry and your skin might start peeling and that’s painful so don’t forget to apply any moisturizer or even oil. I randomly use any moisturizer or even coconut oil now so that my hand doesn’t get dry anymore.

4. Avoid touching your face.

It is said that Corona virus enters in our body through eyes, nose and mouth and our hands can be the carriers of this virus. You should completely avoid touching your facial parts and if you have an urge to itch or something like that just wash your hands before touching your face and this has to be taken care of especially when you are stepping out of your home for work.

5. Drink plenty of fluids & nutritious food.

Keep your body hydrated. Now, this one also have been said everywhere but you need to know that it doesn’t help to prevent covid 19 completely. Your body process and your immune system works more effectively when it gets adequate hydration and to fight with covid 19 our immunity system needs to be strong so just work upon little things like these.

Some other important things to remember are clean and disinfect surfaces regularly. Avoid touching things in public and also shaking hands or touching anyone. Don’t go out if you’re sick. Wait till you get a cure or if you see any symptoms contact a doctor or any helpline numbers which operate in your areas

This is really a tough time but we have to be fully aware to fight this and get over this soon. Prayers for all to be safe.

Lots of love and positivity to everyone. ❤

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