Whom to blame?

The answer is no-one.

The moment something bad or unpleasant happens with us/around us. We start blaming, blaming other people, blaming ourselves, blaming our fortune, blaming time.

We do not accept that it’s life, nothing is permanent here, neither the good times nor the bad or unpleasant times. And in those bad and unpleasant times instead of being harsh on ourselves we should start accepting it. It would become much better, the pain will fade out with much ease.

We are too harsh with ourselves, with the people around us during our bad moments and that left us with more pain and bitter memories.

When we are harsh with ourselves, we do not focus on how to make things better, how can we get over it and start afresh rather we just spend our time in looking our what has already happened and cannot be changed.

We need to look at positive aspects. I know people reading this will feel that it’s easy to write all this while sitting comfortably in your room and so hard to imply for people who are suffering this, trust me I know it is difficult but not impossible.

Stop being harsh, Stop blaming.

Being able to write here, sharing my thoughts with the world at large makes me happy and even if this blogpost help 1 person to get over the sadness and makes them happy that yes time will change. I will be more than happy.

We human’s are being brought up in a way where we need to hear these things again and again and when someone says these things with love, confidence and positivity we instantly start feeling better.

Lots of Love and positivity to everyone. ❤

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