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#02 – Do start accepting things/people as they are.

Hey all!

Sorry for the delay in this particular series. It feels overwhelming when these kind of posts receives love from all around the world.

I feel SELF LOVE is the most important topic we should be discussing right now because it will help us fight such serious problems like anxiety and depression. Yes, it’s the most serious problem and almost every other person is somewhere suffering from some kind of anxiety and depression.

In the 1st blog of this series, I wrote about (Read it here) DO NOT DEPEND ON OTHER’S FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS. Today I am going to share what I feel is an important step towards achieving our goal “SELF LOVE – for solving our major problems.”

People should be more accepting of things around them, start accepting the things and people around you the way they are. Believe me, if you are consistently trying to change certain people and things, sometimes things do change but people doesn’t, so the least we can do is start accepting them the way they are. Nobody is perfect, not even me, not you, literally nobody so why do we always expect for people around us, in our lives to be perfect. Everyone have their own habits, their own ways, their own thought process so the key to be more happy and to make things work, make relations work is to accept the people, the situations the way they are. Don’t waste your time and energy in changing it rather accept it and sort out the differences by expressing your opinion. This way you’ll spend less time thinking about them and you’ll eventually start focusing on yourself, your thought process, you’ll be able to understand your emotions, control them and focus more on the good.

Hope you like it and I really hope it help you guys in some way and do keep showing the love like always.

Lot’s of love and positivity to everyone.

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