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Hey peeps!!!!

Gonna share my quick everyday makeup routine, like whenever I am going out for a movie, for hanging out, shopping or anywhere else. This is my favourite makeup look I swear by everytime I am going out during day time because its super easy and just takes upto 5 minutes. So next time when you’ll say you just need 5 minutes to get ready, that won’t be a lie anymore.

Here’s a picture of my complete make up look and thereafter I will share the products which I have used for my everyday natural soft pink makeup look.


This is the most common mistake people make and thus their makeup turns out to be a disaster as the makeup doesn’t blend well and you experience fallout if you don’t prep your skin well. Well I will definitely share a blog on how to prep your skin well before applying any makeup.


Generally people doesn’t apply eyeshadow or do eyemakeup on a regular basis but doing that would obviously make you look glam and different. It doesn’t need to be ott but a soft look by using a single colour on your lid will turn out to be the best.

I used this pink shade from maybelline blusher pallete on my lids and blended it outwards in circular motions so it doesn’t look improper.

Next I used a soft brown kajal on my waterline and as a eyeliner which adds a more natural touch to the look, which is perfect for the day time.


My favourite thing to buy and use is blush, no matter it’s creamy or a powder base. I love all of them, but always remember don’t end up looking like a clown, use light shades and blend it so well that no harsh lines are visible at the end.

I used this peachish shade from the maybelline pallete range.


If I step out during day, I prefer nude lipsticks over darker shades as that looks more natural and appealing, you can also use a pigmented lip balm like the one I am using here. To make it look more natural try applying it with your fingers.

Hope you love this one and try out this. Do comment down your views on it.

Lot’s of love and positivity to everyone. ❤

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