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Looking for a perfect gown/dress? Read this.


I’ve been taking long breaks not because I am running out of ideas, it’s because I am running out of time. It is not as easy as it seems from outside, but honestly I miss doing this more than anything. So here I am with another blog that might be useful for most of you.

During this party season, most of us are confused with what to wear and can’t figure out what to buy and if you are someone like me, who doesn’t have anything to wear before any occasion, then you might get some help today as my whole life has changed since I have started new practices and I really want to share them with all of you.

Shopping online is my favourite thing to do and I love researching about the brand, the dress, current trends and everything before buying a dress. Because for me, I have set two important rules related to shopping which helped me a lot to level up my fashion game and you also must consider these before shopping because that will definitely help you a lot. So here it goes:

1. Buying a dress, is like making an investment.

There’s a difference between shopping and smart shopping, you should not buy things just because it looks pretty. Check the fabric, check whether you are comfortable in it, check whether the colour will suit you, because I used to do that earlier, buy things just because it looked pretty and end up wearing other clothes because it didn’t suit me. So to avoid this, I started considering shopping as my investment and since that day I haven’t bought anything which didn’t suit me later.

2. Don’t buy clothes just to wear them once.

We all are not ambanis, we repeat clothes and we must not be ashamed of that. Smartness is styling your clothes in such a way that you feel good about yourself. So whenever you are buying something – think twice, thrice about how you can use/style them in different ways.

While shopping online,

You must remember certain things while shopping online:

1. Refer to size chart.

2. Buy things which can be returned or exchanged, because you might get the wrong size, or products may not be upto your expectations.

3. Do proper research before shopping.

4. Do not make a bulk order while shopping for the 1st time, try out first and check whether it meets your expectations, and what size works best for you.

5. Check out discounts and deals, because while shopping online you can save up a lot because most of time there’s some discount or deal going on.

Always try to do smart shopping and within few months you will yourself feel the change in your budget, lifestyle, fashion game.

My personal favourite brands to shop online from is 20dresses. (This is not sponsored.)

I love their range of dresses, gowns as they have cute, simple, minimal designs yet trendy gowns which I love the most.

You can check out wide range of gowns/Dresses on Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa, Shein. They have it all.

Hope you like it, planning to share my online clothes haul soon.

Do like, share and comment down your views.

Lot’s of love and positivity to everyone.

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