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Hey all!

I was planning to do this since so long. I had already posted about few months back and I got a good response on it and I really wanted to continue my motivational blogs but I couldn’t since I had some other things planned and that turned out really really well for me and in this period I have learnt by myself and realised the importance of self love. How it improves your health your life and makes you a much better and more desirable person. So here I want to share that with everyone because I am 100% certain about it that most of us lacks knowledge when it comes to self love.

Some People and also me can tell you the ways and methods and practices of self love and how to be happy but always remember happiness comes from within thus you should never depend on someone else for your own happiness no matter whoever, however special they are be it be your partner, parents, child, friends anyone, because if you are dependent on someone else for your happiness, you are doing two wrong things –

Firstly, you are giving them the power to control your life.

Secondly, you are giving stress not only to yourself but to that other person who is constantly trying to make you happy.

Both these things create problem sooner or later, and you do not feel happy, you start feeling depressed, some people also suffers through serious anxiety problems which no one ever wants and all this has increased in today’s world leading to various health issues like depression,anxiety, many other hormonal problems due to stress.

No one can make you happy even with all their efforts if you don’t want to be happy yourself and you can only be happy once you start loving yourself as you are.

I can assure if each and every person start loving themselves, life would become much more easier and this world would become a better place to live in.

I am going to share the importance of self love and how it helps us in my future blogs as I have planned to keep each of my motivational blog short and to the point and make a series about self love on my platform.

Lot’s of love and positivity to everyone.

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