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Hey you all.

I have recently shifted my focus from makeup to skincare since past few days because when you are using a lot of products on your face you have to take extra care of your skin so I have been finding out products which are more on the natural side plus they are affordable because most of us needs especially college going people need good and affordable products.

Today I am going to share yet another skin care products which is a facial bar. It caught my attention because it was a herbal product and I really wanted to try this one out as I have still not found the best skincare products so I am trying new products every month and sharing my review with here so that it helps you too to find your perfect skincare products.

Okay so without any further blabber, I am starting with it.

Buy it here:


It comes in paper packaging like other many products but it does not have any box or something which is something I hate and also find difficult to keep it because I bought a separate box for it to keep it safe because it doesn’t comes along with any container. It just comes a paper packaging and it’s a soap kind of thing so you can’t keep it anywhere so that’s a con for me. I completely hate this kind of packaging.


Strawberry: Apart from the nutritional value that strawberries are known for, beauty is another department where strawberries excel. Rich in salicylic acid, Strawberries clear off the dead skin that gets accumulated on the epidermal layer resulting in dullness and skin-darkening.

Almond Oil: Sweet almonds’ dry kernel yields almond oil. A light-weighted oil, Almond Oil is: Natural Moisturizer: The best thing about this oil is that it suits all skin types. Pure Almond Oil Moisturizes the skin by relieving irritation and itchiness.

Grape seed extract: Rich in natural bioflavonoids, whole grape seeds yield extract which is a great anti-inflammatory agent. Also, grape seeds are excellent antioxidants. They help in: Prevent wrinkles & Premature aging: The extracts works on the skin in an effective way, it tightens the skin, reduces fine lines thereby preventing wrinkles. The skin looks younger and healthier.


This facial bar has excellent deep cleansing properties and gently exfoliates to even out skin tone. The rich multivitamin content of strawberry, almonds and grape seed helps fight pigmentation and signs of premature ageing. It’s made up of all natural ingredients which improves the skin quality by deep cleansing your skin and improves skin elasticity.



I really like this product as it actually helped in cleansing, I would not say it deep cleanses your skin but it’s a somewhat mild cleanser which will suit any skin type. I have a combination skin type and mostly it’s dry so there are so many cleanses in the market which dries out my skin but this one didn’t make my skin feel more dry than it is so that’s the major and only reason I will recommend everyone to buy and try out this product for yourself. Another thing that I love it that they have nice variants in these facial bar range and I will surely try them out and all of them are under Rs.40 which makes it super affordable.

The only drawback for me is it’s packaging otherwise it’s a nice product for your everyday use.

You can buy this product by clicking here:

Lot’s of love and positivity to everyone.


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