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Pushkar Tour 2019 (Why You Must Visit Pushkar Atleast Once in Your Life)

Heyyyyy Fellas!!!!!

As I mentioned earlier, in my previous blog that very soon I will share my experience about my trip in Pushkar, so as promised here I am with an amazing blog that will contain more pictures than ever before. I took more than 200 pictures in Pushkar so that I can share it with all but when I started writing this blog I shortlisted 120 photos at first and after I shortlisted it for more 5-6 times, I finally selected approx 28 pictures and I couldn’t shortlist it any further because every picture, every angle was different and I wanted to share it with all.

Starting with the way that I covered to Pushkar, it was a beautiful journey, I went to Pushkar from Ajmer by a car and it took me hardly 35-40 minutes and I swear it was breathtakingly beautiful, as I love to travel to places where I get to see more of natural beauty.

And when I reached Pushkar, I was in complete awestruck to find such a beautiful market where you can get a lot of handicraft products like bags, dresses, showpiece, bangles and much more. People who loves shopping and trying different things and are visiting to Pushkar, plan your schedule as such that you have at least 2 hours extra for shopping.

This shop has a lot to offer, you can buy so many things to decorate your home and trust me you won’t find this kind of finishing anywhere.

These hookah stands can be used as a showpiece and every bit of it looked royal and if you use to decorate your shelf in your home, trust me it would look amazing and royal.

These wall clips were so beautiful with different patterns and designs and there were many more designs available which you can use at your home if you want to give a traditional touch in your decorations.

There were also these cute door knobs which were available in traditional designs and the finishing of every door knob was commendable and it was worth buying, also you can see these boxes which were equally beautiful and these boxes can be used for many purposes.

This “bhaiya” was super helpful and helped us a lot while shopping and told us so many exciting stories and waved very happily while clicking pictures.

These handicraft bags were so cool and you could use it to style your traditional outfit, it would add an alluring look to your outfit, and I even got one for myself as it was super cute.

Whenever we see the images of Pushkar, we definitely see these pictures and I was also super excited and I also went to the shop to buy something but when I came to know that it is made up of pure camel leather, I didn’t buy anything over there as I never buy anything which is made up of animal skin and here I am sharing the pictures to tell you guys about this and I request everyone not to buy anything made up of animal skin.

And lastly I went to the famous Brahma Temple and the Pushkar Jheel, it was a nice place and I will obviously recommend to visit this place at least once. This temple is one of the very few existing temples dedicated to the God Brahma.

Finally sharing the only one picture that I managed to get of myself. I went to Pushkar straight from a wedding function that’s why I was in traditional outfit but I loved it as it was super comfy plus it looked super stylish and fashionable because of its design and details.

Also you can visit the desert over there and click pictures, there are many conveyance available to take you to the desert area, but I had a very little time as I also went to Ajmer Dargah and market place, so I couldn’t make it to the desert and yeah with this I am gonna end today’s blog. Next week, most probably I am going to share my experience in Ajmer.

Best time to visit Pushkar is February, October or November as because once I went to Rajasthan in April and trust me it is very difficult to tolerate the summer over there.

I hope you liked this blog. Do comment your opinions and share it with everyone. 🙂

Lots of love and positivity to everyone. ❤

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