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Birthday Celebration in Style.

Heyyaaaaa everyone!

It’s so nice to write and share my views opinions with everyone at large. I can’t express my feelings what all this means to me, it gives me immense pleasure and happiness everytime my blog goes live on my website and it not only makes me happy, everytime I post a blog my whole family loves it and supports me in every possible way.

When I posted first, I decided to post about fashion, makeup, skin care because that’s what I am good at and also I like to invest my time in that. So finally posting a lookbook for the 1st time on my website.

This week was one hell of a crazy week as my baby sister just turned 18 and I can’t believe that she is also a grown up person now. It was her 18th birthday so it was a lot of pressure on me and her as we both wanted that she looks her best and yes we finally got the best dress for her after searching it for 1 week over online portals, malls, shops, and everywhere. Then we spent 2 days searching for the best pair of heels and finally got it somewhere which was completely unexpected. Now without any further blathering , here is my sister’s lookbook for her birthday.

Some Important Tips:

Always look for something comfortable because what I feel is one can only enjoy to the fullest only if they feel comfortable, so whenever you are styling up yourself for your birthday always opt for comfortable + stylish dress.

If you are shopping online, shop before hand so that if you do not like it or if it does not fit, then atleast you should have some time to look out for other options.

Bold colours, V neck and nude make-up is still on trend and I guess it’s going to stay here for quite a few time. If you want a blog about current colour trends, current style then do leave a comment over here.

I really loved how our idea turned into reality and we finally found the best one. If you also liked this blog, then do write your views in the comment section and share it with your friends.

Lots of love and positivity to everyone. ❤

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