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Heyyyyy peeps!

I know this is too early for my next blog as I have never posted anything back to back but I thought why not when I have the opportunity.

So I am going to post a short review of GULLY BOY.

I am a huge fan of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt and that is why I had to watch it 1st day itself. This movie totally different and something we do not get to see on usual basis so it’s a must watch from my side.

Starcast was fabulous and Ranveer Singh does it again. Zoya Akhtar’s direction was marvellous. Ranveer Singh proves that he can nail any role, the only drawback I felt was Alia Bhatt should have given more screen space I guess, otherwise everything was brilliant.

Ranveer Singh was fabulous and actually looked like a gully boy and portrayed the character of murad beautifully and the script and Zoya Akhtar’s direction, everything was amazingggggg. The script actually shows the struggles of every low or middle class person, and the problems they have to face on daily basis, and the work Ranveer has done in this movie was commendable, from a low-class student to the nation’s rap star, he did his best by showing the struggles every artist has to face, doing a 9-5 job, studying and still does his best at rapping and knows what needs to be done for his future and decided to not settle for anything less than he dreamt for himself.

Alia Bhatt is my all time favourite and the way she delivers her dialogue every time is what that makes her the best. The way she replied to that aunty who came for her rishta was a lol moment and the way she hit the girl who tried flirting with her boyfriend won my heart and not being apologetic for that. BRAVO! YOU GO GIRL.

Also I would like to mention Siddhant Chaturvedi who has done a good job as sher and I wish I could get a friend like him in real.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie, I was literally clapping and laughing all the time and for me it was 4/5.

I hope you also enjoy the movie the way I did. Do share it with your friends.

Lots of love and positivity to everyone. ❤

4 thoughts on “APNA TIME AAYEGAAA!”

  1. Absolutely loved your review. Yes, even I loved Alia Bhatt’s unapologetic character. I think every girl would aspire to be like her. Also the way Murad was shown to follow his passion but still studying his way through it.
    Just one query – what made you rate it 4 instead of 5? Would you mind sharing where you found the movie to lack?

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