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Travelling essentials

Hey peeps!!!

I came up with the idea of this blog “Travelling essentials” while I was super busy this whole week as I am also travelling to a super fun place, so I had to complete all my packing but since I have also decided to write atleast one blog per week, I decided and said to myself that I had to manage everything at the same time and while packing my stuff I thought it’s a great idea to share about travelling essentials and I believe many people also look up for solutions too, I know that because messy people like me do the same and I know that for sure, some people considerably need plenty of time for packing and still till the very last minute before leaving the house they think that they might have left something but I have come across some great solutions which helped me a lot while packing and made my life much more easier than before and I am gonna share it with you all and I hope this might help every reader over here.

The first thing that you need to do is “Make a list” before you start your packing, this is the first thing I always do before I start my packing because when you make a list there are very few chances of missing anything out so even if you do not follow this rule make sure you do it next time before your packing. List out everything- your clothes shoes accessories makeup and every other little thing, it will help you to save your time. I am gonna list out things which must be there in your lists and rest other things depends on every individual.

1. Identity-Card.

Initially I forgot to add this to my essentials list and my mom literally forgot Identity-Card at home this week only and my father had to go back home for that so while editing this blog I thought this is most important thing that we must take care of and we must always carry our identity card with us.

2. Tiny First-aid kit.

While travelling especially when travelling for a wedding we tend to eat plenty of junk and unhealthy food and that may often result in bad stomach conditions so make sure you carry a small first aid box so that it is easy to carry and sometimes it is difficult to find medicines while travelling and also at a new place so make sure it must include some tablets for bad stomach conditions to reduce indigestion, bandaids, antiseptic cream.

3. Healthy packaged foods.

I know people who are health conscious try to avoid packaged foods because most of them are processed and are not good for health but there are some healthy packaged foods also available which you must carry with yourself while travelling especially when you’re travelling via train and I am gonna list some of them over here

  • Dried fruits
  • Whole grain snacks
  • Canned beans

You can also carry dry fruits,peanut butter,digestive biscuits and some snacks as per your own preferences.

4. Silicon water bottle.

It is foldable collapsible and anti leakage too so its travel-friendly and easy to use and you can carry it anywhere anytime.

5. Toiletries.

For me, it’s the most important thing and I make sue that I carry everything which is essential for me and I make sure that everything is well packed at one place so that I don’t have to waste my time looking for things so buy a organiser or a small bag in which you should carry

  • Small bottle of shampoo or sachets.
  • Paper soap.
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Facewipes
  • Razor
  • Small bottle of shower gel
  • Any other thing as per your own preferences.

6. Portable pocket mirror.

In the era of selfies and front facing camera’s, pocket mirror’s are sometimes actually helpful because sometimes you cannot rely on the battery life of your mobile and this point takes me to my next essential thing.

7. Portable charger.

Charge your power bank a day before leaving for your journey so that you don’t have to search for plug points everywhere.

8. Biodegradable disposable plates,glasses.

You need to carry these things if you are travelling with your family or with a group and always opt for biodegradable products as we must not harm the environment.

Hope this blog will help you whenever you travel and if you are a lazy person like me then you don’t have to make your own separate list just read this blog and add other things as per your own preferences.

I am happy to receive all the love you guys are giving me and yes feel free to provide feedback and any other suggestions you have for this blog or my website.

Lots of love and positivity. ❤

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