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Things we must do for ourselves

Hey Again!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and thank you to so many people for being there.

Today’s Blog is not about skin care, make up or stuff like that, it is for our own selves. I have always been thinking about these things and have also shared it only with my close friends and now I think I am ready to share it with the whole world.

Nowadays most of the people are so busy that they have forgotten to give themselves the love they deserve and we are failing to realise the importance of self-love, as a result we do not set our priorities right and thus end up messing our own lives and some people also end up going under depression and panic attacks which is not good for them. So today I am going to share things that we need to do for ourselves to make our life better and also this world better because world will not change, people will have to change themselves to make this world a better place to live in.

1. Realise the importance of self-love.

This is most important thing in our lives and we should realise this fact as soon as possible because the sooner the better. If we do not love ourselves then nobody else will. Sometimes people do mistake to understand such people and give them tags like arrogant and selfish but this is wrong and we don’t have to worry about these things because people who are meant to stay in your life will stay and will eventually realise the truth.

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2. Always appreciate others.

Everyone is so busy in their lives that they rarely get time for anything, so if you have got such people who take out time for you and do things just to make you feel good, then you are the most luckiest person my friend and always appreciate them, appreciate every little thing they do for you and you must feel blessed to have such people in your lives in today’s world and if you don’t you will lose them sooner or later and then it will be too late to realise.

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3. Be thankful to God.

No matter whatever you are doing wherever you are, don’t forget to pray to God and be thankful to God for your life, for whatever you have in your life. I am someone who have seen so many worst days in my life but still I never lost my faith on God because I knew the fact that there are people who suffering much more than me and whatever we are going through is our own karma and we always can’t blame others and God, instead of complaining if we start believing on God and his timing and being thankful to God, helps us to overcome everything easily.

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4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.

Everyone on this earth has their own unique personality and every individual has their own capabilities which is not comparable because when we compare ourselves with others we usually compare our worst with their best thus we end up wishing their lives but we forget that everyone has their own ups and downs. The moment we realise our own worth and stop comparing ourselves we can discover more about ourselves, we can have a clear understanding of our capabilities.

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5. Don’t interfere unnecessarily.

This is the most annoying thing one has to go through and almost everyone has faced it once in their lifetime. Nobody wants other people to interfere in their lives so we should also stop doing it, we wouldn’t like it if we have to go through the same and it’s really a bad habit to poke your nose into other’s business. Focus on your good, help others but don’t interfere in someone’s personal space as that would create a distance because nobody actually likes it when someone interfere’s unnecessarily.


Today’s blog was all about motivation, self-love and things we must start practicing in our lives to make our life better. These were just the basic things and I hope to share a 2nd part of this blog really soon. I hope you love it and share it with your friends who are having a low self-esteem, I really hope that it may help people.

Do share & provide your feedback. ❤

Lot of Love and Positivity to everyone out there. XOXO

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